About Me

"I wouldn't consider myself an expert in the thingsĀ I do. However, whatever I do, I give it my best. I love a challenge. Whatever the outcome, the reward of learning, sharing, earning, and the fulfilment that comes after the odds is a drive enough for another challenge."

"My best moments are when I work or get involved with different people for a greater goal. These activities could be anything that brings about change or a simple smile or thoughtfulness of being human. My favourite mediums of expression are Art, Design, Photography and Music."

Bernard Julius



Some of my favourite photos. A mixture of portraits, fashion,
nature etc

Bernard Julius 2021-7


My attempt in drawing. They say Practice makes perfect.
Ive learnt practice makes improvement, and I keep learning.


300 Humans

This project is all about getting to know 300 people. Their story
if at all



Having worked as a web Designer and made a few websites,
I might as well add samples here.

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