About Me

Born and raised In Kenya.
Lives in the United Arab Emirates.

"I dont consider myself an expert in the things I do. However, I give it my best and have gained a good amount of experience. I love a challenge; the reward of learning through success and failure, the experience gained through sharing, the livelihood earned along the way, the new people met and a peek into their culture and world, and the fulfilment that comes after all the odds is a drive enough for another challenge. I am an optimist."


"I enjoy working with people from all walks of life. I've been fortunate to experience good change, growth and a simple smile that reached so deep. I've also had the opportunity to see the thoughtfulness of being human, and yes, I've seen the worst of our species but theres hope. I love people, food, travel, art & design, Photography and Music."


Bernard Julius Adoyo

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